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Bafuliiru na bavira bo benebuvira

Who We are....

Benebuvira is an association of people from Uvira in South Kivu (RDC) and surroundings.  Members are USA citizens, Refugees and Immigrants from Uvira, RDC, living across the United Stated of America. Benebuvira are dedicated to promote and protect their cultural heritage in the US and abroad.  They also are dedicated to contribute to the multicultural richness of the United States of America through education, exchanges, services and community outreach at both local and national levels.
Benebuvira welcomes every person, group and community that pursue similar and/ or share similar goals and objectives under the laws and regulations of the states and federal government of the United States of America. 
Benebuvira is active in (5) five national regions across the United States. You are not left out. We welcome your input and we will appreciate your call, opinion or contributions of any kind. 

What We do...

Benebuvira believes that cultural heritage is common to all people. That’s why it is committed to working with other communities, agencies and local and federal governments, non profit organizations, and international communities to accomplish its mission and objectives. Some of these agencies include but are not limited to UNHCR, FAO, UNESCO, Red Cross International, UNPD, USAID, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, and more other agencies in the country and elsewhere…

Our reason to be: Cultural Education

The cultural education’s purpose is to teach, promote and preserve the Benebuvira values and heritage to its members from pre-kindergarten to adulthood. Cultural heritage is part of the American dream where the knowledge of own identity does help shape the determination and the participation into the building of this great and multicultural and rich country, we call the United States of America. Through music, art crafts and songs, language and history, Benebuvira members will be well equipped to embrace any challenge and contribute to other forms of  cultural identities from others Americans with whom they share the same opportunities.

Reports / Rapports / Ripoti

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2010 (pdf)


Iowa City, Iowa 2011 (pdf)


Dallas, Texas 2012 (pdf)


Buffalo, New York 2013 (pdf)


Grand Rapids, Michigan 2014 (pdf)


Lexington, Kentucky 2015 (pdf)


Coralville, Iowa 2016 (pdf)


Oakdale, Minnesota 2017 (pdf)